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We help accountants go from overlooked to overbooked

Use the JAB System™ to grow your accounting firm with retainer-based clients in 90 days.

The stakes are high. Your profession has evolved.

People have more choices than ever before.

Leads that go to voicemail go to competitors...

Business owners want to communicate when and how it’s convenient for them…

Compliance services have become a commodity…

Get off the revenue roller coaster

Inject automated marketing systems into your accounting firm, and start swimming in consistent cash flow with higher margins.
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Never miss another opportunity to capture the perfect client, and get more 5-star reviews.

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Premium Online Presence Package

Modernize your website and optimize your online presence to attract your ideal clients.
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Business Advisory Marketing System

Maximize revenue from your existing book of business and onboard clients with ease.

We get it. You aren’t a marketer, and you don’t have time to add something else to your plate. But you do have time for more monthly retainer business clients.

We are marketing and sales experts with over a decade of experience working exclusively with accounting firms and building customized, automated marketing solutions that drive results.
  • Nicole Thousand
    "In the last 6 months since working with Janel, I've done more marketing in my firm than I've done in 11 years. Because Janel understands the industry, her approach is targeted. She understands what is important to accounting firms."

    Nicole Thousand

    Founder & Managing Partner of Thousand CPA Services
  • Pat Roberts, CPA
    “In my professional career, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of people, but very few of them are as talented as Janel Sykora! Janel and I met two years ago and since then, she and I have worked very closely on multiple engagements – all of which were marketing-, sales-, or content management-focused. Janel brings an incredible amount of industry experience to the table, but that’s not what makes her so talented. What makes her so talented is her creativity, her approach and her passion for what she does. As we worked together to rebrand our company, I recognized how much she cared for me and my company. She took the time to really dive deep to help me figure out my “why” first. Doing so laid the ground work and vision for how she was going to enhance and embrace that within our new message, content, brand and vision. My experience with Janel brought me the clarity I needed so that I could start to focus my attention on our “why” and stop saying yes to the things that don’t really enhance it. If anyone in the professional arena asks me who they should hire for marketing, sales coaching and consulting, branding and content management, then I would overwhelmingly tell them to hire Janel! She is such a pleasure to work with and I cannot wait to work with her on future endeavors!"

    Pat Roberts, CPA

    Founder of Roberts Accounting CPAs & Advisors and TaxExact
  • Glenn Harper
    "I want to say thank you for all you do for us. You always say yes. You always deliver. You always make us look good."

    Glenn Harper

    Harper & Company CPAs Plus
  • Julie Smith
    "Janel's superpower is to be able to take my vision for our firm's brand story and translate that into an entire marketing strategy that elevates us as thought leaders and positions us to grow our business to the next level."

    Julie Smith

    Harper & Company CPAs Plus

How it works. We connect, we partner, we watch your business grow.


First, we must learn about your business in order to develop the right story-based marketing strategy to deliver the results you need for your business to succeed.


Then, we start designing all of the creative assets (like graphics, copy, key messaging, and website) that go into your overall marketing strategy with regular check-ins along the way to keep you informed.


When everything has been written, designed, and automated, we’ll take care of the implementation and communication, freeing up your time to focus on being an expert in your business.
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Hire Cajabra to lead your marketing strategy while you focus on your clients.

Most firms don’t have the time or expertise to create a marketing strategy that gets results. We will clarify your brand and build a customized marketing strategy that increases your revenue.

As the public accounting profession evolves, firms must update their brand and marketing message to differentiate themselves and attract ideal clients. Building a brand is about so much more than just a logo or pretty graphics. If you don’t have a clear and consistent brand message, you won’t stand apart from your competitors seeking the same clients.

At Cajabra, it’s our mission to help accounting and law firms create lead generating websites and sales funnels so you can build your business without overwhelm and having to hire multiple people.
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