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Tax Season: Year-Round Marketing Tips & Time Management Hacks for Accountants | Janel Sykora

February 20, 2024
Gary and Janel, Founder of Thought Leader Creative and the co-founder of Cajabra Marketing for Accountants, discuss the importance of year round marketing, taking advantage of tax season as a time to identify new business opportunities, the importance of your Google Business Profile and a couple of apps that can help accounting professionals "take their time back".

What You Need To Know About Your Google Business Profile | Marketing Talks

January 26, 2024
In this Marketing Talks, Janel goes over her five key steps to optimize a Google Business profile. Discover the basics of a Google Business profile, how to optimize it and utilize it for your business.

Marketing Talks | Managing Tire Kickers and Setting Expectations with Prospects

January 2, 2024
Join Janel Sykora, as she discusses Managing Tire Kickers and Setting Expectations with Prospects. Knowing your ideal clients is crucial to filter out tire kickers - and those who might be more interested in finding lower prices than quality services. In this webinar, you'll learn how to eradicate time-consuming interactions with tire kickers, set client expectations early, and foster long-term relationships by over-delivering your services.

Marketing Talks | Identifying Your Ideal Clients

November 30, 2023
Welcome to another insightful episode of "Marketing Talks"! In today's session, our knowledgeable host dives deep into the crucial topic of "Identifying Your Ideal Clients" in the context of accounting firms.

Janel Sykora | What Is Brand and Where do you Start?

October 27, 2023
Our guest speaker, Janel Sykora, a seasoned expert from Cajabra Marketing for Accountants, will unravel the mysteries of building and nurturing a brand identity. Whether you're part of a large accounting firm or a smaller practice, Janel's insights are tailored to help you thrive in the competitive world of accounting.

What Is A Brand And Where Do You Start? | Marketing Talks

October 26, 2024
During this 30-minute webinar, Janel will guide you through the essential elements of branding and provide you with actionable strategies that can be put into practice immediately. Don't miss out on the opportunity to stay up to date with the latest marketing trends and sharpen your firm's competitive edge.

Janel Sykora | Marketing Drives Firm Growth

September 11, 2023
Gary DeHart, Publisher of Insightful Accountant, and Janel Sykora of Thought Leader Creative, discuss the importance of firms having a solid marketing plan and strategy and resources to implement the plan.

They also discuss the launch of the marketing webinar series "Insightful Accountant Marketing Talks" the two companies are working on together to provide accounting professionals guidance and direction in building and executing a marketing plan and strategy.
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