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The Importance of Google Reviews: A Guide for Accountants and Financial Professionals

In an era where everyone is online, the influence of online reviews is undeniable. For individuals in the accounting and financial realm, Google Reviews are a crucial part of business growth. They play an essential role in molding your professional reputation online and improving your visibility on search engines. Let's dig into the significance of […]

Why Prioritizing Google Reviews is Critical for Your Business

Here are some key reasons why Google Reviews should be a top priority: Some Best Practices for Getting More Google Reviews: Key Stats on Google Reviews: When to Request Google Reviews: The best times to request a review from a customer include: Use email and SMS to make requesting reviews simple anytime you interact with […]

The Importance of Optimizing Your Google Business Profile as an Accounting Firm

The Google Business Profile is also something many firms often overlook. Your Google Business Profile is essentially your business card on Google - it's what shows up when potential customers search for accounting firms in your area on Google Search and Maps. Given that over 90% of online searches start on Google, your Google Business […]

Updating the Marketing Message For Your Firm- Part 1: Where To Start

When was the last time you updated your marketing message? I know- tax season has been all consuming this year, but it’s over! Once your wounds heal, and you come up for air, it's time to focus on your business. And, as we navigate how to shift from compliance to advisory work, one of the […]

Updating the Marketing Message For Your Firm- Part 2: Your Website

Having a compelling website is paramount, and it starts with a clear brand message on the home page. Mythbuster: your website is all about you. Wrong, it’s about your client. Think about the last website you saw today. Did you read the history of that company? Did you care? If you read anything at all, […]

5 Easy Ways To Market Your Firm During Tax Season (and Why You Should)

Why should you even be thinking about marketing your firm during tax season? You’re busy, exhausted, and you can’t see light at the end of the tunnel yet. There’s an elephant in the room that is soooo tempting to ignore with the pressure of tax season bearing down. That elephant has a name- it’s COMPETITION. […]

2 Big Marketing Mistakes Professional Accounting Firms Make

Recently, I received a note from an accounting firm owner who said, “I’d like to talk to you about my marketing.” When we connected a short time later, I quickly realized that in his mind, marketing was SEO. And only SEO.  Many firms I’ve worked with invest heavily in SEO to make sure they are […]

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