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Updating the Marketing Message For Your Firm- Part 2: Your Website

May 15, 2023
Janel Sykora

Having a compelling website is paramount, and it starts with a clear brand message on the home page.

Mythbuster: your website is all about you. Wrong, it’s about your client.

Think about the last website you saw today. Did you read the history of that company? Did you care? If you read anything at all, did you just skim the headlines? Or, did you click off the site or page after a few seconds and move on?

Now, think about the last website (besides Amazon or social media:) that captured your attention and caused you to take action. If a website does a good job of making their company/product/service about YOU, well, now you’re interested, right?

How about your website? What impression are you giving your clients and prospects? Your clients don’t care that you’ve been in business since 1972. Or, that the firm prides itself on exceptional customer service and attention to detail (frankly, they expect this).

Your entire brand message needs to tell a story. More importantly, it needs to invite your prospects into that story and make them the hero.

A ‘Must Read’ that will help you craft your story.

If you haven’t read Donald Miller’s book, Building a Story Brand, I recommend it. This is a quick and compelling read for anyone trying to create a clear, concise message around a brand- especially in a competitive environment.

As he states on the first page, “Customers don’t generally care about your story; they care about their own.”

Focus on your website first.

Look at every page of your website through your ideal customers’ eyes. Make it about them. Invite them into your story, and become the guide that leads them to success or helps them avoid pain.

The goal of your website is to get people to take action, so you need to establish a message – a value proposition- that will compell a visitor to take action.

Get rid of hollow, meaningless words.

Honesty. Integrity. Our business is your business. We put customers first. Our professionals set us apart. We provide the highest quality services.

Are you nodding off yet? And, wouldn’t every one of your clients just expect these things at bare minimum?

Be specific and clear.

Less is more. You don’t need paragraphs and paragraphs of words.

Call to Action

As basic as this may sound, make it easy for people to act! If you have a tiny message at the bottom of your site somewhere beckoning the visitor to ‘contact us at’…that isn’t good enough. Make it easy for people to interact with you by giving them a specific button to click (above the fold) that compels them to act. Your call to action should be prominent on your homepage so it’s hard to miss!

Social media

Once you have your message clear on your website, don’t overlook the importance of social media. You have a great message- now get it out there! LinkedIn and Facebook are both good platforms to be visible and set yourself apart! What better time than 2021? According to an article by Katie Tolin, entitled “7 social media strategies for our new normal,” social media engagement increased 61% in a matter of weeks mid-March 2020. Accountants are ESSENTIAL to small businesses- this is a great way to get in front of people and offer value. But, if you are going to do it, be consistent and offer value.

Consider video.

Video is a powerful component to any marketing strategy, and it a great opportunity to showcase your firm's people, knowledge, value, and even client testimonials. According to this article at, 84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

If you aren’t using video to communicate your message, you’re missing a huge opportunity. Whether it’s setting up a YouTube channel or simply including video messages in your emails to clients and prospects, video is an absolute must for getting people to pay attention to your marketing message.

If the thought of updating your marketing message nauseates you…

Hire a marketing expert who knows how to guide you through creating a brand message and marketing strategy that elevates your firm above the competition.

The shift from compliance to advisory services is well underway. Is your firm’s marketing message strong enough to attract new clients and keep your existing clients from going somewhere that offers them a more compelling story?

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